"LEARN FROM SOMEONE WHO IS IN THE TRENCHES DOING IT RIGHT NOW. i have awakened to my callinG TO SHARE the WARRIOR's way of peacefully violent healing and living."



From: Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

To: "Generation Y" (Why?)

I vividly remember a time when I didn’t feel all too awesome.  In fact, I was scared, pressured, BROKE and ignorant as to how I was going to be a part of the solution to the problems in the Black community.  Everyone kept saying, “that's just the way it is!”  And my heart kept saying, “NOOO!  I can change this; I know I can. It's inside me…I Just need to figure out the how.” I’m going to tell you WHY I figured it out, and explain why this is the most important piece of advice you could ever get RIGHT NOW to ensure you are released from the MENTAL INCARCERATION that plagues ALL OF US...

It took seeing my older brother laying in his front yard with his head blown off to really get me to looking deeper into the common causes that ended his life, destroyed his family and left my nephew in jail without a father or mother while still a teen (his mother was also murdered 2 years before his father)....

So Why Did I Suffer Through Failure, Misery, Skepticism, Doubt, And Adversity Where I Made No progress At All For several Years Straight? One Thing And One Thing Only...Because I Believed In My Mission:


It was because I knew that I really could LEARN a better way to get what I wanted in life without "selling out" my identity. I knew about the law of attraction and intention. I knew that my thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs all would shape how successful I became…and because of that knowledge I always knew as long as I’M GROWING…my life, my business and my world is going to grow right along side of me. The Knowledge of Self is the most immediate tool for changing beliefs and/or behaviors. Of all the self-help techniques, the Law of Attraction will produce the most immediate results, but more important than WHAT we think is HOW to think.


Peacefully Violent Warriors


LOA is a combination of having a positive attitude, getting rid of the negative from your life and attracting abundance. 

Let that sink in. If you really wrap your head around what I have shared so far…there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from creating massive change. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. But what does any of this have to do with you? Let me put it this way…I know what causes people to fail. And because of that, I also know what causes people to succeed. The law of attraction requires several essential components before it can truly work for you: clear mind, affirmative thoughts, positive emotions, genuine desire, gratitude, redefined action and active receiving. When you add love to the whole equation, all of these components manifest automatically. Because when one loves, it is impossible for anything negative to arise. And after I saw what was possible in my own life when you apply timeless principles, the awesome power of technology, on top of unbeatable leadership and personal development… I knew I had to teach others just how powerful they really are to do this same thing.

I Can Help You Heal and Upgrade Your Life Faster, Bigger, And STRONGER Than You Ever Could Alone.

Taquee Hicks

And having access to all this information on a consistent basis has literally given me advantages most people seriously can't even hypothesize. Advantages I Would Love For You To Have As Well... I can show you strategies that 99% of this world has no idea exists when it comes to healing your BODY, MIND AND SOUL to the next level and tapping into resources that would blow your mind with their sheer potential. I can walk you through step by step how to rid your mind of Spiritual and cultural ignorance. And I can do it all with total ease. I can do this because I have spent so much time filling myself up with knowledge... and met so many innovative leaders, healers and thinkers. 

I want to show you my most 'secretive' and proven healing and Law of Attraction strategies you can use to design the life you really want. I want to show what has been hidden from you intentially by some very evil people who have been profiting on your ignorance.

Does all this sound like a fairytale?

If it does…then unfortunately you are still living in "the matrix” mentality prison. You are still in that "slave-inflicted” mindset…that mentality where you have been trained to think that everything is hard, too expensive or just NOT COOL. That black people just can't get along because they're violent, ignorant and lazy or that ALL black businesses are scams or too "ghetto" and big money only comes to lucky people, and that you have to follow the pack if you want to be safe in life.

What a laughing stock…

I Can Personally Tell You, That I am  truly beginning to Experience more and more Of Those Unbelievable Benefits I Mentioned Above And So Much More…Every Day Of My Life.


Did I work hard? ABSOLUTELY. But did I work SMART? Absolutely. Did I spend money? You bet I did.


You see, this HEALING program is about A LOT more than just me showing you how to transform your life. This coaching program is about me opening your mind to a never-ending quest for the discovery and application of truth and developing your mind in ways you might not even be thinking about right now. It’s about me showing you your ancestral obligation to greatness. And I am dead serious about that. Because once you know how to do what I do…you will realize that every event your life has intentionally led you to this very moment.

When You Know How To Do What I Will Teach You…You Can Create the impossible. I want you to stop for a moment. Take a solid, honest look at this list below. After you're done reading this tell me if any of these statements apply to your life:

1)I want to know my true heritage and the origins of humanity so there is no confusion of who I am and where I am headed.

2)I believe BLACK LIVES MATTER and seek harmony in ALL OF CREATION especially among my own people in the Black community.

3)I want to develop real confidence, posture, and a bullet proof believe level that will attract ONLY success into my life and nothing else.

4)I want to be a part of the solution to the problems in the black community and transcend every obstacle in my life.

5)I want to avoid all the hassles that come with the extensive learning curve of trying to do it all myself, and instead piggy back on my people who can show me how to skip what doesn't work and go straight to creating a harmonious and successful life.

6)You can afford this coaching program as a solid investment in your self and your future…and you see the true value behind this as something that can propel your life in a highly successful direction.

7)You recognize that ALMOST ALL successful people had coaches early on in their businesses, and there is a DARN good reason why.

Plain and simply, if all that made sense to you then this is what I'm going to offer you today... Myself and my Nubian Family of talented, conscious Black people, Black millionaires, Black professionals, Freemasons, mastermind marketers, hustlers, promoters, ex-gangbangers, teachers, speakers and "fun-makers" are going to coach you to success like you have not experienced before. And if that was all...it would be fantastic enough. But we take it one step further... Not only will you be getting the expert mentor ship, knowledge, guidance, instruction, and wisdom on how to use digital wisdom technology like a master to endlessly expand your life and business. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE HELLA FUN DOING IT! open your heart and experience pure love. It's time to get rid of your blocks and start living life to the fullest!

We Are Going To Walk You Through The Entire Process, Guiding You Along Each Step...So You Know Exactly What To Do, How To Do It, And How To Do It GOOD.  Let Us Sum It All Up For You... You will Be empowered to communicate with your own subconscious and get to the core of your pain. receive a FULL session 1 on 1 with me personally to help you manifest breakthroughs in areas such as:

heal without relying on medications

Release Negative Trapped Energy From Your Body

Plug Into the Universal Mind of God

Connect to Your Inner Warrior

Rid The Mind of Racism, Prejudice, negativity and Stereotypical Thinking

Eliminate Self-Inflicted Oppression of Black People

Becoming The Cause Instead of The Effect


Self Esteem

Positive attitude

Forgiveness Phobias Relationships






Mental Focus ...and the list goes on Value $300

You're going to have THE most personalized and professional Life Coaching & Healing in an enviroment that encourages Black Culture Value $297

Not to mention the most important part of any coaching…getting answers to your questions, and helping you deal with challenges as they arise. Value $ priceless

The bottom line is this healing program is going to put you on a journey into the REALNESS of your true heart.

Let's make one thing clear...this is 100% your choice and I am not here to convince any body. We are here to work with truly dedicated and serious individuals, who are at the right time in their life to take advantage of the knowledge and skills we have to offer them.

End of story.

To top it all off, the price for this program is such a steal you would really have to dislike succcess and love pain to not plug yourself into our coaching and healing here today. Look at the value of each component of this coaching program above. It comes out to over $600.00 and truthfully...to get everything mentioned above most people would be charging TRIPLE the values I put.

But I'm not even going to charge you close to that much to access this proven mentoring program. In fact, I am going to over deliver on my commitment to you SO MUCH, that you would regret not buying this coaching program for a very long time. The total cost of this top notch weekly training session, plus having free access to our personal systems, etc. is only  $97.

No joke, you'd think it would be about 5x that much... but for this proven coaching and healing you're only going to pay $97 today.

You will have the knowledge you've ALWAYS wanted, Experience the lightness of releasing your emotional baggage and feel your symptoms melt away. Honestly, it would be almost impossible for that not to occur by the time you're done with us here. And I seriously think this is the LOWEST amount I could possibly charge before this wouldn't even be worth the time of day for me. And as I continue to learn more, build my value more, and make MORE MONEY...the price of this coaching/healing program is just going to keep increasing. But right now you got lucky enough to catch me at the perfect timing, to take advantage of so much value I'm offering for such an affordable and fair price.

"This Coaching and healing Program Is Truly Going To Be Your Fast Track To The Real Freedom You've Been Looking For but here is my disclaimer, my sessions are private and exclusive to those who are truly ready and begin with a one on one introduction to determine if you are right for my unique system of coaching. After the introduction, if we are a fit, we move on. If not, you are refunded 100% and we part ways as friends until our paths may cross again. My methods are unothodox to traditional coaching so I fully understand that my coaching is not one size fits all or even one fits my size."




But let me get one more thing straight here...if you can’t afford the incredibly reasonable price of access to my program, then this is probably not for you. I’m not looking to work with anyone who is backed in a corner and desperate to create financial freedom, etc.

That’s not how it works. You have to be in a position in your life where your mentality is aligned to create.

This is for ALL people who have the burning desire to break free and succeed deep inside of them, and are at a time in their life when they can really focus on doing it. If that’s you, then here is my challenge…

DON’T procrastinate. It's imperative you take action NOW. It's truthfully the only way successful people get that way. Successful people take action and those who don't never get anywhere.

I KNOW you're ready to get somewhere...and that's why you have to rise to meet the success staring you in the face today.


Do it because it feels right. Do it because you are truly ready to take the next step in your life's evolution.




And you better take advantage of this offer RIGHT NOW, because at any moment I will be increasing the price of this coaching/healing program to what it's really worth! Which is probably 5-10x what I'm asking just for this limited time. I promise you…NOW is the moment to take action.The people who do this now... will reap the rewards for the rest of their life.  


I'll see you on the inside...


Your Coach and healer, "The Coolest Coach Online" Taq'uee Hicks Peaceful Black Warrior

P.S.  Has what I have been sharing with you really resonated?  Do you feel that it makes a heck of a lot of sense to have this much help when it comes to elevating your life and reaching higher potentials?  I think we both know it does. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to learn what does and doesn't work.



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 Matt Hicks 12/3/1968-2/10/2010
  R.I.P. Matt, I will never stop looking for TRUTH.

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