7 Reasons Why Independent Minded Travel is the New Holy Grail


Take china as an example, they are one the worlds most important travel sectors now. Just a few years ago they traveled in groups and with group tours to discover the world. That is changing as it is everywhere. 

So lets take a look at what is behind this new independent travel trend

1. The new younger traveller is far more independent minded.

2. They are looking for authentic individual experiences. They seek out the less know and try to discover something new.

3. They want novel experiences that make them stand out amongst their peers and they avoid going in groups selecting instead venture out on their own to mingle and have personal adventure of discovery.

4. They are not tourist in the normal sence of the word and they are not travelling to be seen. They are not seduced by the galmour of travel but see it as a way to learn and discover more about the world, people, cultures and themselves.

5. These new explorers like to do things for themselves. They like rolling up their sleves, getting out the pots and pans and experiementing with local foods in their own kitchen.

6. They like self catering accommodation like villas and villa style apartments where they have their own space, independence, privacy and are safety.

7. They like the amenties of a resort like a pool and gardens to share - a view and a beach nearby. Some like a total getway and gravitate to a single cottage in the woods, but most prefer a small community where safety and privacy go hand in hand with independent living. 

With it tourism is changing. People are opening homes and renting apartments. New travel agents like airBNB are taking markets away for the conventional players. Hotels are converting to villa resorts or villa-apartments to accommodate the independent minded traveller.  And yes it is a trend that is even happening in China, where travelers has traditionaly favoured group tours and group travel. See more about this here

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